Imperius: Shoulder Guards

Imperius: Shoulder Guards

Ahhh Imperius, you wide bastard. These bad boys were fun to make, and where my first foray into making an actual silicone mold. Without further ado!


Using the models I ripped from D3, I made a properly sized template out of pep for the base, and after transferring it to plastic and a lot of heat shaping (of which there are no pictures), I made these!

DCIM0320 (Medium) DCIM0318 (Medium)

God these were ugly and unwieldy, and cleaning them up was a nightmare because of the low res of the model and the thickness of the PVC (3mm). I decided to focus all my energy on making one shoulder to mold instead of all 4 big chunks.

IMG_0361 (Medium)

I started by patterning out the detailing on each side, and cutting it out of 2mm PVC. This was a mostly trial and error process involving a lot of cursing and measuring.

 IMG_20130305_180817 (Medium)IMG_20130305_180833 (Medium)

After this, I added the outer trim detailing, and built up the top using Apoxie Sculpt. Lots of sanding here, as usual. LEARN TO LOVE THE SANDING.

CIMG0675 (Medium) CIMG0674 (Medium)

To finish it off, I used another piece of 3mm PVC and sanded it into the curvy beveled shape in the cross bit. For some reason I do not have pictures of this hand sanding process, but it was all done with the random orbit sander. After this, it was finish sanding and.. mold making!


Sloppy first run, this whole thing ended up being garbage and I had to redo it. Valuable lessoned learned, namely take your time, and FILL ALL YOUR SEAMS. After another try, my one peice mold was complete.. and it was time to start casting. Because I am still poor, this was a 1 part mold when it likely should have been something else. I had to slush cast it of sorts, and each cast took about 40 minutes to make.. but in the end..




Using the cool ideas of Henrik Pilerude, I made ball joint mounts for the shoulders to set into, a quick and dirty collar section for the shoulders, mounted it all together and wala. I also made the 3rd inner piece out of the base frome earlier and some pvc/apoxie sculpt for the detailing, then made vac pulls of it to use for both sides. I dont have many pictures from this period as it is around the time I got promoted and the hours started taking their toll on me, sorry. I will probably expand on the shoulder mounts later.


Behold, this nerd! Next up, the Bracers!


  1. You really are an amazing artist and your work is from far the best amongst the bests. I’ve been following the imperius armor set from the beginning and even if the time taken seems to be long, it is worth waiting.

    • Thank you for the kind words! It is taking much longer then it should, but I’ll make it worth the wait for everyone – myself included!

      Full time jobs tend to distract :)

  2. You are one talented man my friend. You inspired me to make my own Imperius cosplay and it is definitely not an easy task. Do you have an instagram I can follow or something? Also what did you use for the strips that go down from the belt, red vinyl or something?

  3. Thanks Jose!

    My instagram should be linkedto on the side here, but its @Fabricatordjinn.

    The skirt is indeed red vinyl! With foam for the trim detail. Good luck with your Imperius, that costume is a lot of fun/work


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