About Me

My name is Caleb Neal, and I hail from Southern California.  I have always enjoyed works of theater and film, to me the glimpse into other worlds they provide is one of life’s great joys. A few years ago I finally tried my hand at building something from one of the many universes created by film, and found I had a passion for it. Now I am trying to get myself out of the office and into the garage, where I can spend my allotted share building entertaining items for awesome people!

Many projects have come and gone since I settled in California, each of them a new and interesting venture, each one an improvement on past works.  I wish to try my hand at eventually contributing to the film and theater I love so much – and in pursuit of that goal I have met many fantastic and talented individuals. The costuming community here is the greatest I have encountered, and I stand honored to be a part of our collective struggles to create. I hope you enjoy the work I post here, and I hope one day to give back to the community that has brought me so much joy. Keep on creating my friends, keep on creating.

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