Imperius: Gauntlets of Valor

Imperius: Gauntlets of Valor

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Next up, the gauntlets! Or at least the upper section.

I started as usual, with the base model from the game. After unfolding it and making some templates for the pieces that worked, BS’ing the pieces that didn’t, I transferred it all to plastic and cut out the base. For some reason I didn’t start taking pictures until the lowest level shell was done and everything was cut out, so here it is.

PHOTO_20130325_162742 (Medium)

After this, I cut out some trim (pictured), mounted it all in place, and heat shaped the lower sections to the open ended shape they are in the cinematic. These are very strange gauntlets.

PHOTO_20130325_191017 (Medium) PHOTO_20130325_191026 (Medium)

With that section mostly complete, it was time to start on the detailed top section. Using a template made from the pep file I created, I forced together the awkward shape of the top sections using a heat gun and lots of superglue/sanding.

PHOTO_20130326_124946 (Medium)

After that, I designed the detail that would go on the outside, planning to cut it out and build it up layer by layer. This was a tedious process, but ended up with some pretty good results! The first layer went down, and a bit of apoxie scult was used to fill the gap. Then, sanding.

 PHOTO_20130326_194247 (Medium)

PHOTO_20130326_230642 (Medium) PHOTO_20130326_232801 (Medium)

Then, another layer (designed from the previous template), went down ontop of the first, to add those cool looking levels. A coat of primer and some more sanding, because why not.

PHOTO_20130402_130534 (Medium) PHOTO_20130402_130525 (Medium)

Now it is time for the inner detailing! I couldn’t bring myself to use pre bought stuff on this, and sat down and drew out the inner detailing on one of the scraps of the previous templates. I then traced this template first onto some 1mm PVC (4x), then onto the gauntlets themselves, to use as a guide for placement.

CIMG0685 (Medium) CIMG0686 (Medium)

Then, I cut out and individually hand sanded one set of detailing, attaching it carefully to the gauntlets with super glue. Holy shit that took a long time.

CIMG0687 (Medium)

CIMG0691 (Medium)

After this process, I did not want to do it all again for a second gauntlet. I decided to try my sneaky tactic of Vac pulling then filling with resin to make a pair of these gauntlets. After building a water clay base for the hollow gauntlet to sit on, I made a series of vac pulls until I got one that had enough detail. It almost had enough detail on the outside to use! That little vac table I built is pretty nice!

CIMG0693 (Medium)

CIMG0692 (Medium)

After making two pulls from this “mold” using Smooth-cast 60D semi rigid, I was ready to throw it all together and see how it looked!

PHOTO_20130428_210135 (Medium) PHOTO_20130514_134616 (Medium)


PHOTO_20130514_134600 (Medium)

Anyways, I will come back to the paint job on this, as I plan to paint everything at more or less the same time, once I figure out how I want it done. I had to hit it with the gold though, because hell yeah. I tried many types of gold on this, and settled with a bit more yellow gold for the base. Handplates will happen later.

Next up, the Helmet!

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  1. Howdy,

    Awesome stuff you do here. So, what you’re using is thin sheets of pvc to craft the armor, and then thinner sheets to make the details?

    This looks very good. Movie quality I’d say. Anyways, one day I’d like to try this out. Learning how from someone like you makes it seem easy, but I have a feeling from reading your posts that it takes a long time to get this level of quality.

    Best regards,

    Rob Allsbrook


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