Imperius: Breastplate (continued!)

Imperius: Breastplate (continued!)

Hey all, I’m not dead, just lazy! I haven’t been keeping this page current with my progress, shame on me! Time to start the long process of fixing that. Here is part 2 of the breastplate boogaloo.

Imperius has a thing for the Sun, it seems. . I wasn’t sure how exactly to build this, so I just started from the lowest level and went to work! I roughed out the shape below after a bit of trial and error, and cut the first layer out of 2mm PVC.

CIMG0624 (Medium) (2)

And two more layers, designed by bullshit and guesswork.

CIMG0628 (Medium)

from this point, I glued these pieces together, then filled every gap with Apoxie sculpt to create the bevels and sanded it for ages. After much pondering on how to get this thing I have created to curve so splendidly, I made my choice and cut this thing I had just completed right in half.

CIMG0629 (Medium)

After more filling, sanding, and cursing, the finished cleaned up master was ready for my dumb idea!

CIMG0633 (Medium) CIMG0642 (Medium)

I made Vacuform pulls of both halves of the chest piece, and cut out the Vac formed halves.

CIMG0648 (Medium)

Perfecto! Oh wait, nevermind, you cant bend a hollow object without horrifying warping. I scrapped that idea for another one, and filled both halves of the vac pull with that same cheap fiberglass resin I used for the Spears sun. I didnt get any photos of this process as I pulled the resin out of the “molds” before it had fully cured, and quickly bent the 90% cured resin to shape with a heat gun and my hands, then screwed it into place and worked on the next. After it finished curing on the chestplate, I was able to photograph my dark work.

 CIMG0657 (Medium) CIMG0653 (Medium)

Turned out better then it should have, honestly. Also at some point I removed the collars (they are removable), and added detail trim to all 3 of them. After a bunch of cleanup and filling and finish work, it was time for the primer and sanding phase.

CIMG0666 (Medium) CIMG0663 (Medium)

Primed, sanded, bolted down, reinforced in the back with apoxie sculpt (to fill the space between the chest and the resin)

CIMG0670 (Medium) CIMG0671 (Medium) IMG_0344 (Medium)

Filled, sanded, and done! The detailing was a mixed bag of scrapbook flourishes and plastic. Things you can find at Michaels. I am still figuring out what process I want to use (and paint type, weathering etc) for the paint job, so it will stay grey for awhile longer. There will be many more addon pieces for this, backplates and abs etc, plus a mount on the back for the wing mounts. Still, the big work is done!

Stay tuned for the Shoulders!

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