Airsoft Bolt Pistol

Airsoft Bolt Pistol


Decided to remake my v1 bolt pistol to add the ability to fire and see how much I improved. The finished product is shown above, here is a quick log of how I got there.

g36c Airsoft

I started with an average quality electric g36c airsoft gun, shown below next to my old v1 bolt pistol.


I promptly cut the gun down to the size I needed it, removing all of the addons and extras, while preserving the electronics and inner workings.


builtupTime for the serious modifications. I cut a channel in the magazine and removed the fake clip and the bb feed. This gave me room for the extra madness I wanted to add to the magazine. I also cut a PVC pipe to shape and fit it snugly on the top of the gun, I fed all the wiring and electronics into this tube and made a spot for the battery to sit. I also built the sides of the gun up using styrene for sale signs and mounted them in place. I did not do very good documentation of this step sadly.. but it only took a few hours.


Sealing everything up with more styrene, I also reinforced the cutoff barrel with plumbers putty in a small pvc pipe chunk and sanded it flush. This made the cut in half barrel flush with the front of the gun and much much more sturdy.

At this point I had to make sure it still worked, and I made this small embarrassing video.



More cleanup and sealing. I added styrene to the bottom of the magazine and filled the small space between the bb feed and the outside of the magazine with cut in half copper piping to give the illusion of bolt rounds. After that it was a simple job of designing and adding styrene detailing and a paintjob. All in all, this 2nd gun was completed start to finish in 3 days. Here it is next to the v1 pistol.



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